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Day 65 : All Night

liner notes:

  • Professional : Did some more research on my upcoming project for work. Also, got ready for my trip tomorrow. Making sure that my tickets were good.

  • Personal : After work, I pretty much jumped back onto my side project. I'm so close to getting it working. I created an admin section to add stories to the site. Got the front end working. Now I'm running into a road block where my code isn't returning a response for an API call, but it works when I copy and paste the URL into the browser. What is going on!?!?!. haha. Probably going to be an all night session. Thing is that I have my flight tomorrow morning.

Looking into the night sky over Silverthorne Colorado

Not much too say. Going to go back to working on this code! It seems like it always comes down to the last minute with these side projects. haha

Have a great night!

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