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making a window in opengl and GLFW, a c++ guide

i have made a post on making a window in just opengl but i found most tutorials used GLFW for window displaying

step 1
first install opengl on your Operating System(OS) i am using ubuntu and i installed it from here

step 2
you need to install GLFW for ubuntu linux i found a tutorial here, however you will need to install it for your OS.

step 3

i found the code to making a window off the installation guide to install GLFW for ubuntu here, this is the code:

#include <GLFW/glfw3.h>

int main(void)
    GLFWwindow* window;

    /* Initialize the library */
    if (!glfwInit())
        return -1;

    /* Create a windowed mode window and its OpenGL context */
    window = glfwCreateWindow(640, 480, "Hello World", NULL, NULL);
    if (!window)
        return -1;

    /* Make the window's context current */

    /* Loop until the user closes the window */
    while (!glfwWindowShouldClose(window))
        /* Render here */

        /* Swap front and back buffers */

        /* Poll for and process events */

    return 0;
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step 4
to compile your main.cpp file you can do

g++ -pthread -o main main.cpp -lglfw -lGLU -lGL -lXrandr -lX11 -lrt -ldl -lglut
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i included some extra library's for when you are doing other things with opengl so you wont run into library errors

step 5
enjoy and good luck coding

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