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Discussion on: How I started practicing TDD

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I have never written any TDD before and I don't know what it is all about. My senior colleague 1st mentioned TDD to me just few days ago and I decided to look up a few articles here about it and then I found your post. I must say that your article is a Gold mine. It is filled with so much background information necessary to understand the concept of TDD.

My stack is C# Asp.Net and I will like to ask to recommend relevant resources for a beginner into TDD with C# background.

Oh yeah before I forget thanks for the two books recommended am definitely get and reading both.

Thank you once again for putting together this detailed article on TDD.

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Marcio Frayze Author

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

I have a Java background, never worked in the .NET world, but the two books mentioned will give you a great overview anyway, since C# is an OO language.

I recomend you to start really small, with some code katas (eg. the FizzBuzz one is really easy and some people use it to introduce the TDD concepts: My advice is you to solve the problem without using TDD first, then try again using TDD (and making sure the tests are guiding you) and see the diferences in the results.

And if your colleague is available, ask for help and feedback from him if you get stuck. It's always more fun when learning with a mentor.