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As an example, I was interested in certain technologies (Web API 2) I couldn’t use at work. They had their legacy monolithic applications and used pretty old web service technologies for that. Trying to make things better and suggesting some improvements did not help at all

I'm currently in the same boat my friend. Unfortunately I've been having no luck landing another position. I've got some experience under my belt but still no luck. Ughh.


How do you present the experience?
I've added it to my resume and created some tutorials, YouTube videos and online courses, so that the employer can actually have a look. One company even enrolled in one of my online courses (they used their company name, that's why I know) and completed every lecture.

Maybe you have a side project on GitHub you can show?

Hope this helps!


Aside from putting my experience on my resume I’ve got side projects on my portfolio site as well as on Github. I’ve also got some open source contributions on Github.

That's great!

Maybe you can put the link to the repository with a short description on your resume and even mention the repo in your cover letter or application email. When I applied for a certain job, I added the link to an online course about a particular technology in that email, so that it won't be overlooked.

I think it’s just a matter of time and finding the right job. I have my open source projects on my resume as well.

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