re: If You Don't Know, Now You Know - GitHub Is Restricting Access For Users From Iran And A Few Other Embargoed Countries VIEW POST


With all of the controversy at NPM sparking new, decentralized alternatives such as entropic, we should really start discussing how to start federating our own git repos as well.

Centralizing resources like our code on any platform is incredibly volatile - in this case, Microsoft made a business decision to cut off Iranian users without warning to avoid fines.

No matter where you stand on the subject of ethics, we can only ever rely on any for-profit company to work for the interests of their shareholders. The catch is, entire swaths of our community will only be welcome to use cornerstone services of the web at the whim of people in power who have proven themselves to be racist, negligent, and a force of net harm towards certain communities.

The people at GitHub have worked tirelessly (and invested in a ton of PR) to present themselves as arbiters of free and open source software - but as long as they are centralized, we can never be sure of the fact that this won’t happen due to a new whim of some local authority. For the sake of the entire open source community, we can do a lot better.

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