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Keep Save your money πŸ’΅, and Let's get a πŸ‘‘ Premium Courses for free as a πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ university student

As student, we would pay out for getting premium courses to get study out of school. But how about you have access to many courses/resources for free that others have to pay for. It's a great opportunity to gain some edge, learn tools that are highly in demand while not spending any money.

The greatest package, you can access as a student is GitHub Student Developer Pack.

GitHub Student Developer Pack


How do I register it ?

You don't have to bother about it. If you have an academic email address Github recognize, access is granted immediately. Besides great deals on learning platform, you also get a bunch of other great deals. So check that out!

Frontend Masters


The best deal in the GitHub student package is definitely 6 months of free access to Frontend Masters. It is worth between 200-250 USD and the content there is just awesome. If you wanna step up your web development skills, this is the platform you should use.

Data Camp


If you are more interested in the world of data, you can get 3 months access to Data Camp. There you can learn Python, SQL, or R and really get a good grasp of advanced concepts. This content is worth 75 USD


Another great platform with several famous courses that might help you land a dream job. Their System Design course is highly popular and you can get 3 months for free worth over 100 USD


Next Tech provides cloud computing environments that are accessible from the browser ― no downloads required. Students around the world use Next Tech so they don't have to install software themselves when they work on a programming project. This lets them focus on the coding and not on the annoying software set up!

One Month


One Month's online coding courses teach you exactly what you need to learn to code quickly. Learn Python, HTML, JavaScript and more in just 30 days.

Over 120,000 students have used One Month's computer programming courses to launch their side hustles, level up their careers, and build things they couldn’t even imagine before. Our online coding bootcamps include certification, human support, and the change to create real-world projects that you can use for applying to jobs or attracting new clients.

We invite all Github Student Developer Pack members to enjoy One Month’s online coding courses free for 30-days.

Interview Cake


Students get access to our full coding interview prep course for 3 weeks FREE. Get ready to ace your coding interview with practice questions, tutorials, and data structures and algorithms review.

Go Rails


Tutorials for web developers learning Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Turbolinks, Stimulus.js, Vue.js, and more. GoRails for GitHub Students 12 months of free access to GoRails for students

enrolled in the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

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