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What Your Javascript Does When You're Not Around

eanakashima profile image Emily Nakashima ・1 min read

As client-side app frameworks like React keep growing more popular, we’re shipping more and more application logic out to users’ browsers. But we don’t always know much about what happens to it after we send it out to the client. This talk will take you on a fast-paced tour of all the strange cases we’ve seen in browsers in the wild, from overseas proxy sites to rogue browser extensions to console-hacking customers with a sense of humor. Finally, we’ll talk about how to cut the noise and focus on minimum viable instrumentation to have visibility into the things that really matter to your users’ experience.

Some knowledge of modern browser javascript development practices is helpful.

This DEV Live Stream was recorded on August 16, 2018
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This was really awesome, and learned a ton from this talk. Definitely one of my go-to recommendations from now on.


Loved attending this.

Emily seriously knows this subject.


Thanks, I was waiting for this upload. :)