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Great read, thanks for sharing! As a 40 year old, husband and father of 3, I'm attempting a career switch into the Front End Dev field and I couldn't agree with this article anymore. Though I'm comfortable creating sites using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and basic JavaScript and jQuery I find it very hard to land that 1st Front End job. I'm currently trying to use my years of experience as an account manager to get that illusive 1st Front End job. I still love the field and I love learning new development skills and I'm gonna continue to push for that opportunity. Once again, great read and very inspirational.


Thank you Edwin, I'm humbled by your kind words and appreciate the feedback! Trust me I know how you feel all too well,I'm currently too. The illusive first Front end role is essential to opening the doors and a big step into the industry. Continue to push and eventually, all that hard work will pay off!

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