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Streamline Workflow

It is fun to learn new developing technologies. As you try these new systems, most provide an installation bundler to get the new end user started. This bundler's work well for the beginner and help facilitate more users trying out new technologies, or to become more interested in a specific technology.

The Problem

There is a problem? It depends. If you are working on live projects, you may want a more robust environment. Or think about the first task you do as you begin a project. For instance here is what I was doing each time I started a new React project using Create React App:

  • Create project npx create-react-app project-name
  • Create src/components directory
  • Create src/assets directory for styles and images.
  • Import my scss
  • Delete header section from App.js
  • Remove default styles
  • Install node-sass
  • Move eslint configuration fromm the package.json to a dotfile.
  • Install prettier and import my configuration
  • Import my LICENSE and my Renovatebot configuration (if I am deploying to a public repository).

Again, this is my workflow, and we each have our preferences. Would it not be nice to, I don't know, just start coding?

Idea of Boilerplates

This is the idea behind using Boilerplate's — a method where our entire environment is setup to our preferences. This will be a series of articles centered around setting up a good starting environment for different project types. This series will include:

  • Intro: Streamlined Workflow
  • HTML with SCSS Boilerplate
  • React Boilerplate

This may develop into long term series of articles that I will build over time. If you have a specific task you want to include, please send me a message on Twitter or an Email.

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