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Git Alias Workflow

Continuing this article series about Streamlining Workflow, must include a way to streamline our git commands. This article uses my own aliases and a GIST for the full list.

TLTR: Want to just straight to the code? The complete alias file I use is available in this GIST.

Alias possibilities

There are a few ways to add aliases to your system and the natural place to start is by adding them to your terminal configuration. In my case, I have a ton of aliases I have added to my .zshrc workflow.

However, since these are Git commands I have decided to add them to my .gitconfig file. This makes sure my zshrc more DRY. To do this add a new section to your .config titled [alias]. Now, let's begin.

My configuration

I am not going to go over every aliased command in my configuration, just the ones I use most frequently.


I have several commands that help with branches.Each command is prefixed with git.

  • So, to checkout an existing branch: git co name-of-branch
  • Create a new branch: git cob name-of-new-branch
  • Create a new branch: git br name-of-new-branch. This alias I have stopped using in favor of cob because at creation, cob changes to the branch.
  • Change to master branch: git com. If you have changed your default branch to main or some other name, this will still change to the default branch.
  • Delete a branch: git brd name-of-new-branch


So, to check the status: git st, which uses the -sb switch to trim the CLI to a cleaner output:

## master...origin/master
 M content/posts/
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  • Add all changed files: git aa instead of git add -A
  • Commit: git cm This will open your editor of choice, or you can git cm -m "My commit message"
  • Okay so my most used alias: git aacm is an alias for git add -A && git commit. Remember you will need to use the -m to add a message.


This alias is for a combined push with the remote repository:

  • Combined add, commit, and push: git acp, using your editor, or suffix with `-m "Commit message"

Your remote:

  • Push after you have done your commit: git po, as a short alias for `git push origin
  • Pull from your remote branch: git plo as an alias for git pull origin

Working with an upstream

  • Fetch: gitfminstead ofgit fetch upstream`
  • Merge upstream with main branch: git mup as an alis for git merge upstream/master


I have a few aliases for git log

Pretty format, with decorate is git ls:
Alt Text

Pretty format, with decorate and --numstat is git ll:
Alt Text

These are my basic aliases that I use the most. Again, refer to the GIST for a complete list.


This has been fun. Leave a comment or send me a DM on Twitter.

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