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Discussion on: What tools have you built?

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E Cognito

A long time ago I wrote the original version of Latexmk which is still used out in the world to automagically produce your latex documents.

Erudite pulls articles from Instapaper or Pocket and add to your ebook library.

Clementinemonitor is a small python script to monitor what is currently playing in your Clementine music player, by hooking into the relevant dbus signals to detect state change.

Movieschedule to track Australian movie release dates. Sends emails if dates change, and keeps a google calendar up to date.

Sitesync which can mirror folders that are either on local file system, FTP or SFTP. It keeps track of file modified times and sizes to detect changes on either side and allows you to rationalise. Originally wrote it to help me maintain some web-sites without clobbering changes that other contributors were making at the same time. Think of it as unison that doesn't need the program running at each end (but hence, isn't as robust).