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Hello everyone! New guy here.

Long time ago, in a galaxy far away, 1995 in Arkansas, I was out of the Marines and starting college for psychology. I picked up a magazine that showed the new internet and had a picture of a Beatles page and some HTML for it. I figured it out, and using Netscape and Alta Vista, I learned how to make webpages with Notepad. And I joined many a webring. Good time. Then add some more military deployments, more college, degrees in psychology and philosophy, and working in mental health and resilience and so on.

Now I'm finishing up another deployment and am relearning HTML (holy smokes, it's up to FIVE?) and this new fangled thing called CSS. I'm picking things up and learning. I wish I had some of these codes back in the day. I used a lot... a LOT of invisible images, and 1 pixel spacers, and divs, divs for as farr as the eye could see.

And you don't want to know about the wasteland of autoplay midi songs. It was chaos!

What people do today looks like magic.

I'm hoping to change careers and spend my time in front of my mac instead of working mental health.

Nice to meet you all!