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Discussion on: 30 Tips for Software Engineering Careers, After 30 Years of Life

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The advice given is awesome and holistic in perspective,and , the aspect of envy is very fundamental as I have discovered that there are people who are threatened by someone's abilities, talents, etc. so they treat that colleague with contempt,withholding technical assistance in relation to work assignments, projects, the person may even engage in gossiping dramas in an attempt to destroy their colleague reputation as they are fundamentally intimidated by someone's intelligence, but, their fears, intimidation, etc. are fueled by their inadequacies as they lack the necessary self love inclusive poor self esteem resulting in their debilitating unprofessional tactics, which, can only be fixed by those actors adjusting their mindset to a healthy robust through enhanced and upgraded emotional intelligence. The ability to manage one's' emotional intelligence is a key skill in any workspace environment.

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Periklis Gkolias Author

Exactly thath