My Ruby Journey: Hooking Things Up

Edison Yap on November 03, 2018

My Ruby Journey: Hooking Things Up I’ve only recently just begun my Ruby/Rails journey (worked for little less than a year), and one d... [Read Full]
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Nitpicker here, in the ruby world we indent with only two spaces.

As you're learning Rails, have a look at ActiveSupport::Concern, it's used quite a lot in more recent Rails apps.

Keep learning, I'm sure you'll enjoy programming Ruby :)


Oh yes definitely! I was copying it from multiple notes app and got messed up haha, thanks for pointing out!

What's your opinion on Concerns? I've heard a lot of people saying concerns are bad, but I've also seen DHH being a big advocate for it.


I like them (in Rails) even though they add such little functionality. It's more about the concept of moving code from your models and controllers into separate files that contain a functionality in its entirety. Make those models small again :)

I see! Definitely agree on slimming down. My company's go-to for slimming down model is always Service Objects, so that's what I've been used to.

I think one of these days I should definitely try out concerns! Thanks for sharing :)

Serivce Objects and PORO is a must when you write a rake tasks. Processing the input and passing it to the service is all my rake tasks do. Much easier to test.


Programming Ruby and dealing with Rails have next to zero number of aspects in common though.


Yes, indeed :)

I am not in Japan though and I still ask 4 times more money for my advise on Rails than on Ruby, mostly to due to selfish dream to avoid any railing at all.


Extend? Include? Why not both?

If there is no extremely strong reason against, one should use Module#prepend and singleto_class.prepend instead of include and extend respectively, since it results in clean maintainable hierarchy (all allows call super everywhere.)


Nice work! It's so much fun to dive into the "why" behind these things - and you did quite a nice job of explaining your journey. Thanks!


Thanks for the kind words Anna! Glad you liked it :)

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