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Discussion on: What does a #codeNewbie need to start/improve?

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Eduardo Hitek

Hi Nadine, great topic you've raised and I'm looking forward to see the opinions of the other devs.
Let's break it in some Categories:

1. Learning

Nowadays my go-for would be Udemy. There are a lot of options, based on your level and time available to expend on learning a new language or framework. Other option would be looking for Tutorials on Youtube, you will also find a great things there.

2.Keeping Motivated

It's a fact, you must put in practice what you learned, and IMHO the best way to this is working on some personal Project. Sometimes is hard to elaborate a good thing to work on, but take a day and evaluate your routine. What are the things you do everyday? What are the things that slow your day? What are the repetitives one? Even if there are any others solutions available that would solve your problem, you should develop your own. It couldn't be better or most robust, but it will be your solution and the application of all you knowledged.

3.Should you post everything?

I thing you do! Your blog could be your Recipes Book in which you saved everything you learned. You probably will reach it out in the future to remember how you solved a problem and will help others that are facing the same challenge.

I hope to have helped you!

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Nadine M. Thêry Author

Hi Eduardo! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your advices.
Definitely, the blog thing is a great approach. I do have a blog, but I have absolutely no motivation to update it.
Maybe because I know that no one will read it. Also because it is WordPress and I know that eventually I will have to give it up to host it in my website.
Nonetheless, I feel so happy to share here in, that I will stick to it.
Maybe when I reach to host my blog in my web I will find the motivation.