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E. Dunham

Wow, you've made so many neat things I hardly know where to begin! Since you say to ask you "anything", the first question to cross my mind is about one of the hardest problems in computer science: What're your thoughts on and techniques for naming things, especially businesses and projects? Got any favorite stories about how picking the right name and scope for a project helped it out down the line?

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Tracy Lee | ladyleet Ask Me Anything


Well, one of my first products was a gift app. And we could NOT for the life of us agree on what to name it.

Me and my cofounder at the time were eating in Mountain View at a restaurant called Sushi Tomi. So we thought - Gift Tomi and named it Giftomi. We kept trying to call it Gift something. And then another person a few months later was like yeah you named it Gift to me! like Giftomi! And my mind was BLOWN.

Another one - I wanted to create an umbrella corporation and I was at an event explaining this to someone. He said yes, like an evil umbrella corporation. Then I thought, OMG EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards! So one of the names of one of my first companies was LiveUmbrella :)