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Discussion on: Better frontend development with inspiration from the culinary world

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Ryan Tracey

Right on! I've been trying to bring this idea to life for a while. Looks like you beat me to it! One thing I'd add is the use of tooling to build the components in the same way. Say for instance Plop.js as a way to scaffold components.

This way all component code would have a similar look and feel. Tests would be similar, etc. To use your culinary analogy, component scaffolding is like a cookie cutter. It ensures everything starts from the same mould. You can add sprinkles and whatnot later, but the origin is the same and repeatable!

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Ryan Lanciaux Author

Very cool! I'd love to hear your take on this analogy too.

I really appreciate the thought of scaffolding things and will have to check out plop a bit more sometime. Similar wavelength here too on automating things and will be a topic for a future post BUT I also use scaffolding hand-in-hand with these techniques 😀 These are from a talk I'm giving on this overarching topic:

Automation Slides

I am currently using Gluegun to make a configurable CLI I'm using on some of my projects, Blastoff. I'm hoping to write more on this a little later on.