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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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erica (she/her)

I've been thinking this lately as well. There are TONS of listicles and "How To Be A ROCKSTAR [emojis here]" articles that are pretty much link dumps, 99 Extensions You NEED, or the same 5-10 pieces of advice that we have all seen before (i.e. get enough sleep, ask questions, etc).

There's definitely been a downward trend in new and interesting high quality content and the discussions that come with it.

Glad to see that spam posts are more under control than last month, though.

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Mydrax Author

I don't think the concept behind such posts are all that bad because they highlight a few interesting points, but the way they're tackled/the execution is terrible in most situations. Regardless, even if the post is properly done, after a while of seeing the same stuff again and again it can get very annoying so I agree.

Sadly, I haven't seen a decrease in spam posts, each month it just gets worse in my feed. I used to report at least 5 posts a week, but since there's no follow up I just stopped after a while.

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Stefanos Kouroupis

The world is full of beginners and it will always be with the current rate of increase in Dev positions. It is understandable that people are doing everything about views.

Nowadays I feel that even business even promote such behaviour in a sense. Last week a colleague was told that his team should stop using c++ as it is really hard to recruit new Devs with sufficient c++ experience. I disagreed but I am already banned from using Rust in my team for the same reason (more understandable) and switch to Go if possible.

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perpetual . education

properly done

is a hard sell. You can't train an entire generation to have "class" in the way that you prefer. They aren't teaching that. They teach React... not "common sense"

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Davide de Paolis

I've also noted that. and that prompted me to write this post where I basically make fun of it and add some - hopefully valuable content with a plot twist.
but yes. i also found that content is slowing degrading.

still loving this platform. and all the amazing contributors

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perpetual . education

That post is funny! What's going on in the comment section??? CSS breakage - or over-our head joke about huge social icons?

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I've noticed this a lot here on dev. The css is often cached when I get here. Do a hard refresh and things will straighten out.