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I think there are a couple of issues with UML, that prevent it from being used more often:

  • The diagrams were not designed to give you the whole picture of the software. They are great for illustrating certain aspects, but if you would like to model your whole code-base, it becomes too cumbersome.
  • UML was designed to be usable with just pen and paper. That's why it encodes lots of information only using draw-able shapes. You have to know what everything in the diagrams mean. There is a learning curve that lots of developers don't want to take.
  • UML was not designed for interactivity. You get all the information at once. There is by design no way to hide/filter information.

I'm working on a tool named Sourcetrail, which takes lots ideas from UML, but puts them into a fully interactive user interface for source exploration. All diagrams are generated on the fly. Watch our intro video.


Thank you. Sourcetrail looks nice. Unfortunately this tool hasn't support for my main programming language which is C# :(

I want to avoid situation in which I'll send to my customer diagram written in tool he or she doesn't know and doesn't want to learn. But maybe I'm wrong.

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