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Getting ready for new ventures

I remember the mix of feelings when I launched my first project. I made what I considered at the time enough promotion, sadly it didn't take off at the end. First lesson learned, having a decent product it's only the beginning of the journey (flashback ends).

After more failures than successes, I am still here, getting ready for the the next rodeos. Getting ready for the ups and downs, exhausted at times when you feel your brain is going to explode processing new information. But pushing the boundaries it's always satisfying, the experiments are meant to enlighten you and shed some light to your path.

If you are a self learner it's very important to stick to this. Sooner than later this process is going to payoff. You don't know when or how, but that's the way everything fits in the future (luck is a cheap description as well). Keep coding, keep doing, keep failing but keep learning.

Let's hope for the better and get ready for the unknown...

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