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Discussion on: Let's do a frontend & UX review - YR redesign

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Very good analysis, couldn't agree more. Classic example of redesigning without remembering what was good about the previous version.
Fortunately the old site is still available here, for now at least:

I'm sure the new site is great on mobile, and more touch friendly for tablets as well, but it fails badly in terms of usability on desktop. Really hard to get a quick overview of the weather now, which is kind of the point...

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Adrian Bece Author

Agreed. I was shocked when the new site loaded instead of the old site, but I found the link to the retro.

The mobile app is good, it's almost as usable as the retro site. I wish they gave the desktop app as much attention as they did to the mobile app.

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Lavellette Erica

Thanks for sharing.......