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Discussion on: Stop using "npm publish"

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Edwin • Edited on

This seems to have some overlap with Lerna, which is focused on managing mono-repo packages, but I guess you could use aux4 for a wider range of tasks. Still, I would rather just hook into NPM lifecycle methods such as prepublish (or similar) to lint/build/test the source code and let my developers use the regular npm publish/lerna publish commands, instead of introducing a new tool.

What's the difference between aux4 profiles and task configurations in build tools like Grunt?

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David SG Author

Hey Edwin, thanks for your comment. The aux4 goal is organizing and documenting your scripts, so you can simplify your daily activities by adding them to aux4.
There are multiple ways to make things done, as you mentioned Lerna, grunt, bash script into prebuild, could all produce the same result, so you could use the way the fits better to your project.
This particular post is focused on the aux4, just to show one possible application for that.
You can think of aux4 as an organizer for all command lines you are regularly executing during your day.