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_b00t_ - a startup environment

elasticdotventures profile image Brian Horakh ・1 min read

The idea behind b00t is a framework to build a startup properly and provide tooling & infrastructure, devops pipeline, vs code environments, "startup kit", mostly python & typescript with optional libraries such as ai, crypto, ecommerce, etc. necessary for building and testing and deploying those.

I'm still very early into the process, I'm presently building heavily into the Azure Cloud, OpenID and the authentication middleware in Vue.JS, using the Vittesse framework. The final product can give you a Vue.JS interface to push a button that runs an authenticated function, and then builds a plurality of messaging layers MQTT, Redis, etc. At least that's the dream.

Presently the docker and fzf menuing system is coming along nicely. This is a massive cloud-stack span of knowledge will ultimately come together in a crescendo of pre-configured bash scripting & menuing environment, thereby compressing the first 100 hours of action required for "creating a startup" into a few commands and reducing operational costs substantially by starting from a functional template.

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