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sometimes, those kind of projects spawn by themselves and they are indeed defined to be of such insane complexity right from the first spec. I am nearly 12 years into my professional career and 1.5 years ago I was given the task to create a thing (which is multiple things, micro services) that consumes data from (no exaggeration) 15 different systems, find a way to combine the data (when possible) and create A report system. It follows every good practise that there is out there and its not hard to understand from a code perspective (you need to be familiar with several code patterns).

I work in telco. Its insane how many names exist for the same concept between different systems... figuring out things usually involves reading huge manuals and talking to many teams. So this project now has such a huge documentation that no new developer wants or has time to go through it.

I don't hate the system, but the thing I hate is that, I am afraid, when the time comes to move on... handing it over would be nearly impossible.

New developers say that the code needs to be self explanatory instead of having links to big pieces of documentation. I totally agree with them but unfortunately no system consumed was designed to be compatible with each other, so some complex mappings are unfortunate but necessary.

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