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Thoughts on Getting Ranked as a Top Student in University

Was it worth it?


Each one of us turning around an endless non-stop cycle like the best group team members of ants. I am sure you’ve all seen them bringing some food to their homes.

First, they recognize the smell, energy or whatever they need with their little antenna on top of their heads, then they just go for it.

And when they find the best piece of food, they show their sharp knives and cut it and take it to their homes. Let's take a look at it… what do they do after?

They KEEP WORKING and never achieve work-life balance!

It won't make any difference in your life

Well, working hard will make many differences in your life.

But, there is a red line between the work that will make your life better, and the work that’ll make you turn around the same cycle; nothing changes… no money, no better life but hey, there is a stress, losing confidence, sacrifice of time and all negative feelings that comes to your mind when you guess why I’m writing this article.

Lemme explain, the ants work for a little meals and store it at their home, for long, really long term use, they’re basically clever than us.

As they say, when you are a normal student you will have time to learn new skills in life. Those little skills are defiantly gonna help you to drain your battery-life level.


What do we do wrong is, we believe that if your GPA is 3.5 and over, you will be a billionaire 😆

And in your youth, you just believe that and when you open your eyes, well… you already lost what you had: your precious times, the taste of life!

HELL YEAH, it makes a lot of difference. This shitty university system takes all the good that you have.

Shit universities shut your mouth and turn off that little spark inside of your heart that could contribute to the world with the most precious things. Inspiration just vanishes!

What would I do next?

cat meme thinking

This is type of questions that is hardest to answer.

But, I know what to do; I won't give a shit to the university system and similar systems by interacting with more experienced people, by reading a lot, and by indulging more into real life.

Life is on our hands. Now lemme tell you that you’ve got two options:

Take it (fight for it) or leave it 😉

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