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re: Greate post! although I have a question the way you have the type right now with the actions being a Discriminated unions of all the actions that c...

Thanks! Yes I know if you have more than three reducers the types for the main reducer can increase, and be hard to manage.
I don't know how to improve the action type, this action has to be a union of product and shoppingCart actions because when using dispatch you can use either of both actions. To know exactly what action I need to use, maybe you could try with generics and conditional types. I think you could pass a generic type through Context to enable just certain types for actions and state. It's an idea, maybe works. I'll try to implement it.


As it turned out your way of doing the combine reducers also works for type-safe all you gotta do is use type assertion ie:

const mainReducer = ({ products, shoppingCart }: InitialStateType, action: ProductActions | ShoppingCartActions) => ({
  products: productReducer(products, action as ProductActions),
  shoppingCart: shoppingCartReducer(shoppingCart, action as ShoppingCartActions),

By using the 'as' keyword there you can now get rid of the unions type on the action arg of your reducers

Hey, you are right, type assertion works well in this case, it makes the code look cleaner without the union types.

Thanks a lot.


So I found this on a stack overflow post

function combineReducers(reducers) {
    return (state = {}, action) => {
        const newState = {};
        for (let key in reducers) {
            newState[key] = reducers[key](state[key], action);
        return newState;

all you have to do is pass an object with key and value is the reducer. I'm searching about generic to convert this function to be type-safe. But if you have any idea please share. Thank you!

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