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Discussion on: Hey programmers, which keyboards do you suggest under $200.

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I have a lot of keyboards.

My favorite keyboard is the IBM model M keyboard, which is these days still being made although now by Unicomp. The Classic 104 White Buckling Spring USB is what I'd buy, and its under $100. I love the clickety-click audible feedback, and the buckling spring tactile feedback. That's what I'm using right now, although its the black one not the white one.

I almost never use a number pad, and my work desk space is at a premium. I like to have my mouse closer to my keyboard, so not having a number pad is a win for me. At work I use a Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma. I consider the RBG LED backlighting to be a gimmick. But it's a solid keyboard, even though a gamer keyboard. I like the tickety-tick sound of the keys. (The switch mechanism is Razer's own, but it is similar to a Cherry MX Blue.)