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Discussion on: Let's discuss: What are your biggest difficulties with Git?

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Eljay-Adobe • Edited

I didn't go back to vim. I was an emacs user for many years. A coworker of mine used vim, and we were discussing the relative merits of our favorite editors, and made a dare: he'd use emacs for several weeks, and I'd use vim for several weeks.

Several weeks later, he immediately went back to vim, and I never went back to emacs.
I found that vim is a zen-like experience where the editor disappears and gets out of my way and my mind and fingers become one with the keyboard. I never had that with emacs.

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Helder Burato Berto Author • Edited

Oh, I understand. I never used VIM before, I was a VSCode user and my coworker talk to me give a try to Doom Emacs + Evil mode and I never came back to VSCode.

It has some months I'm using and really enjoying.