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Discussion on: Let's chat about pair programming

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In my experience, benefits of pair programming:

  • continuous, on-going code review (and a deep code review, rather than a shallow one that typically happens with after-the-fact code reviews)
  • if doing bona fide TDD, then pair programming will keep them honest
  • code quality improves a lot
  • best possible knowledge transfer between the two programmers and/or mentoring
  • incredible team building and cohesion (especially if pairing promiscuously amongst team members)

I'm sure there are more, but that is the ones that have struck me as "wow"!

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Justin Schoen Author

I agree with all of these! I've had nearly identical experiences with pairing. The code quality is a big one for me. It's easy to write code that you can understand because it was in your brain, but having a pair enforces that it's written cleanly and understandably. Happy pairing!

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

Point for point

  • A paired programmer can be totally disinterested, there's no guarantee of deep review. A person reviewing a PR on their own can be highly interested and provide a deep review.
  • "keeping them honest" sounds a like a horrible reason to pair up. It's like you don't trust the programmers to do a good job. Missing test, and lack of TDD can be easily spotted in PR reviews.
  • There's no evidence that code quality improves
  • Mentoring is different than pair programming, I support mentoring. As to other knoweldge transfer, sure, pair programming should improve shared knowledge on a project.
  • This sounds as though the team would be completely isolated if it weren't for pair programming. Non-pairing teams should still talk with one another, bounce ideas around, and work as a team.
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Eljay-Adobe • Edited on

None of those counterpoints were what I had experienced doing paired programming. All my points are anecdotal of my experience.

Your mileage may vary, of course.

Aside: I've tried my hand at making a general purpose programming language. It's hard. (And fun. And frustrating. And rewarding. And educational.) Best of luck with Leaf!

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Divyendu Singh

I agree with all the points! What is your opinion on experience difference between pairs? If you think of multiple permutations with this parameter.