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I'm keenly enamored with F#. I played with Elm a while back (0.15?), and liked what I saw.

You have my sympathies with your frustration with Elm.

I consider Elm an very promising language... which is undergoing a LOT of churn as it finds its way. Each dot-release of this language makes dramatic changes. Ostensibly for the better, but trying to uplift a project from dot-release to dot-release can be an ordeal.

I'm not an early adopter. I used to be, but that was a long time ago for me. I'm a "1.0" adopter.

Or for Apple's Swift, a "3.0" adopter because what Apple called "Swift 1.0" should have been "early alpha", and what they called "Swift 2.0" should have been called "beta".

Anyway, I hope that Elm blossoms into something wonderful when they hit 1.0. And it won't be a Swift 1.0, I expect it'll be a solid 1.0.

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