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Discussion on: How do you name your git branches?

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So far (since I'm a Git noobie), with Jira as well, I use branches named like:
eljay/DEV-1234 restructure frobnicator

Note: those are not spaces (U+0020) in there, they are non-breaking spaces (U+00A0).

The name is to help keep branches straight with the other 200 developers on the team. The DEV-1234 is the associated Jira number. The very short descriptive is to remind me what the heck it is related to.

Regarding Jira...

I'm not happy with Jira. I suspect that it is not Jira's fault, but rather how our team's Jira has been configured. I've no experience administering or configuring Jira. From what I've read, Jira has bazillions of configuration capabilities.

It appears that our Jira is configured for the PM folks, and not very much useful for the development team. Which makes it very awkward to use. And (also probably our fault) our team's Sprint Backlog is commingled with the PO's Product Backlog, which leads to all sorts of stepping-on-toes all around.

For Jira fans, I'm betting that what I just said is a "Oh my, you're doing it wrong!" moment.

I have previously used TFS as a project and issue tracker, and I do like Jira better. Even our awkward Jira.