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Ugh, I had to replace jQuery in our app with a work-a-like jQuery that I wrote. It was THE WORST, because I had to learn jQuery, then I learned all about jQuery's internals, then I had to figure out the subset of jQuery that we depended upon that did not have all the internal state that jQuery had (did everyone know jQuery has a ton of internal state?), then I had to put up with all the upset other JavaScript developers who complained about my not-jQuery not behaving like jQuery when they added new code that relied on jQuery-isms that I hadn't implemented because the prior versions of the code hadn't relied upon those facilities (so I didn't bother to implement them).

What a royal pain in the keester.

I wish I had the foresight to just do your $ and $$ bindings and tell all the other devs to suck it up. Your solution is GENIUS.


Could you explain the purpose of creating your jQuery-like library? I don't understand what you gained, compared to just continuing to use jQuery.


The lawyers at my company would not allow us to ship or use third party libraries.

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