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Discussion on: Famous Company <> Career Happiness

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Across the entirety of the software development industry, I've heard the most horror stories from the game development.

Apparently, lots of developers like games. And lots of developers would like to part of game development. So there is a very high supply of developers for a rather limited number of seats.

A friend and former co-workers of mine went to a game development company, and I heard plenty of first-hand accounts of his experiences. He's been doing it for 18 years, and is still at it.


For me "career happiness" means, in order, #1) a good boss, #2) a healthy project (not a death march project, nor a doomed project), #3) good co-workers, #4) an ethical company, #5) work-life balance.

Overall, I consider myself very fortunate, since I've mostly been on the "happy" side of the equation.

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ronsoak Author

Video game dev is a disaster. In the past year alone we have heard about CD Projekt red, rockstar crunching their employees, BioWare just expecting things to go right and telltale shutting overnight. It’s an industry that could do so much better

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Andre Vasconcelos

I would personally add #6) Opportunities for growth and learning

My current job ticks all the boxes you listed above but I've been finding myself not being too satisfied with it, precisely because I feel like my skills have plateaued in the past several months

A good job respects you as an individual while still keeping you challenged and engaged enough to find meaning in it I suppose