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I've been on 4 (ostensibly) Scrum teams.

Team Awesome

The teams where the developers are all working together on the same thing to get it "done done" done, are the one's who have the Scrum stand-up meeting to share what was just done, what is about to be done, and what problems they are running into.

Also incorporated into that Scrum stand-up was the "moving of the columns"... when you said you were done with something, that's when the task card was physically moved on the physical board. By the Scrum Master, acting as a proxy Vanna White. Fabulous!

Team Dreadful

The teams where the developers are all working on separate, independent things, and which the meetings are basically held -- not for the benefit of the development team -- for the benefit of product management (not the product owner... product management), the Scrum stand-up meeting is a status report. Not surprisingly, one of the things eliminated from this sort of Scrum was the position of Scrum Master.

Schwaber and Sutherland would probably have said "You're doing it wrong."

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