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Discussion on: Explain it like I'm 5: new build tools

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Máximo Mussini

Hi there! Let's start by categorizing them.

Rollup is a bundler. It's comparable to both Parcel and Webpack.
Its goal is to process assets and create a production version of your project, including features such as tree-shaking and chunk-splitting.

Snowpack and Vite.js are both a new generation of frontend tooling, that aims to improve your development experience by not bundling in development.

When building for production, both tools will use a bundler such as Webpack or Rollup to create a final build.

The advantage of no-bundler tools is that the startup time and hot-module-refresh time stays fast even as a project continues to grow.

For example, I use Vite.js during development to serve assets in a Rails app and to build assets for production (which uses Rollup behind the scenes).

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Travis Fantina Author

Thanks that was exactly what I was looking for!