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Mostly dead code. I also deleted quite a bunch the weeks before. We've been finishing up quite some refactoring (moving from one java web framework to an other). Moving parts from the code base to managed via configuration. And plainly deleting sub-modules which are no longer used. We finally reached the point where we're able to get rid of a lot of files/code. Our code base in lines of code* has decreased from 822k (beginning of this year) to 665k. We're getting close to the size we had in 2014.

Quite a few of those "lines" moved outside our codes base. So they are not really gone, but they are now no longer the burden of the devs.

Sadly fisheye does not provide nice stats on how much I have been deleting for arbitrary time windows. Just "last week" and "all time".

But in the end:

Deleted code is debugged code. -- Jeff Sickel

*) code as in the broadest sense of the word, so includes XML, HTML, CSS, etc. Everything which sonarqube sees as code and counts towards our technical debt.


I love throwing away code. I can do the same by end of May. Getting rid of SCCM once and for all! 👍


^ this dev gets it. But for those that wish they could be more comfortable with PRs like that, check out how to feel good about deleting dead code

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