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When you hover the mouse over your user avatar (in the top right corner), you get a menu. One of the options in this menu is called "Reading List".

When you click the "save" button on a post in the feed, that post is saved into your reading list.

This way you can scan the feed, save posts that seems interesting to you, and read them later. When you're done reading the post you can take it out of your reading list by clicking on the reading list icon at the page footer - that's the third from the left - between the unicorn and the twitter bird.

Classic DEV Post from Dec 12 '18

Resume Review

Let's help each other out - Junior or Senior there's something for you here!

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Finnish Programming Student

πŸ‘‹ Hey reader.

Do you prefer sans serif over serif?

You can change your font preferences in the "misc" section of your settings. ❀️