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re: Would one benefit of hashing client side be that, if the app’s security were compromised, then the user’s real password wouldn’t leak? Sorry to be...

If your authentication logic depends on the server authenticating an already hashed password from the client, then all a hacker needs is that hashed password from the client, the real password isn’t useful to the hacker at this point.

If they have a plain text password I entered and I am a normal user, wouldn’t the thought be that I’ve reused this email / password combination elsewhere?

Yeah, but if every app did authentication the same way you are suggesting then their hashed password is still all that will be needed in a case of compromise. Your client code can be accessed on the browser so your hashing algorithm isn’t really hidden. My advice to you is just always have ssl.
Hope this guides you.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these quandaries.

Last one: even if an attacker has both access to a hash and the hash function, if that hash function is secure, they still can’t reverse that to get the password, correct?

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