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This talk helped me one big LOT. I started making stupid things, then I stopped haha. I need to get back into it. I made a codepen with random colors using JS, then I made a grid map version of it. Never done it before, not that hard, but super fun to see the living results. Then I made a screen thing that shows your pixel resolution. Then I wanted to practice a bit with SVGs in a fun way, so I tried to make Saitama. Then I wanted to make some card UI thing.

My point is, just make stuff and have fun. Don't be perfect, just be, and make.


Oh yeah! I really love Simone. It's because of her I learned to just make things even if its like useless. Just for fun and let the creativity flow.

Cool projects you have there! I'll check them out soon 😃

Let's continue making stuff 👊

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