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How to Build а Social Network From Scratch: Decide on the Type

how to build a social network website from scratch

Social media networks are built for different purposes: interaction, providing useful information and uniting users based on their interests. Knowing the needs of your target users will help you decide how to make a social media website interesting for them.

The main types of social network services are:

1 Media sharing websites

They focus on the display and exchange of multimedia content. They allow users to share content in the form of photos, videos, audio, etc. Great examples here are: Instagram, YouTube and Flickr.

2 Business and professional sites

They help establish business connections and create a brand image. They provide users with the ability to communicate, create groups by professional interest, exchange professional expertise, and even find new jobs. The most popular examples here are: LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

3 Informational sites

They provide information and help people find answers to relevant questions. Such platforms are often created in the form of forums and review sites. The most popular social network examples here are: Reddit and Quora.

4 Educational websites

They are designed to help students communicate with each other and to look up answers, get help from teaching staff, conduct research, and much more. The most popular ones here are: the Student Room and the Math forum.

5 Hobby networks

They are quite popular these days because users can actively search for communities that share their interests. You can find many sites that can be dedicated to almost any hobby that is currently popular.

6 Academic websites

They unite scientists and researchers who are willing to share knowledge, present the results of their work, and find out about the most vibrant research. ResearchGate and are the greatest examples in this category.

7 Social networks

They allow users to communicate with each other directly, establish personal connections, and unite in groups. Facebook and Twitter are the most remarkable examples.

8 Dating platforms

They allow users to search for their soulmates.

Here you will learn about why it is worth investing in social network development and how to build a social network website from scratch.

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