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re: I've been wanting to get up and running with Notion as I've heard great things about it! Like you, I've found actually getting started a daunting t...

I actually don't use any time tracking mechanism! I probably should... haha


I really like Timing for time tracking on Mac. It tracks what apps you use and you can assign apps to certain activities.

As such you can then pretty much automatically track on what you spend time during the day. It's nice because it simply does it's thing in the background. Ofc only for digital activities.

They have a trial, so check it out!


I'd love to hear suggestions for one because I definitely should be using one 😂

Hey Mike,
I made an app specifically for timeboxing tasks/plans (especially if they repeat multiple times through a week). I’m not sure if that’s what you’re after, but I thought I’d mention it. Check it out at :)

I’m working on tonnes of new flexibility within the app (and some redesign work) so if it’s close to what you’re after, let me know what does/doesn’t work for you!


I'll check it out! Let you know what I think of it :). Thanks

I've used toggl for quite some time. Dead simple time tracking. And free plan available.


I use TopTracker to do all my time tracking. It's designed for freelancers but I mainly use it for tracking my studying hours.

Also WakaTime has a nifty VSCode extension for tracking time spent on different projects, or languages. Now I know I spend most of my time on markdown files in my note-taking Gatsby repo instead of real programming. 🤣

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