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Discussion on: Going from Windows (Lenovo 14") to MacBook Pro 13"

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Emmanuel Obogbaimhe Author

Yea I compared the two macbooks side by side and the difference was quite astonishing. I'm getting the hang of the 13" keyboard. How was the adjustment for you and did it feel uncomfortable for you at first? Because my old laptop had so much real estate I could just rest my hands pretty far apart like a mini table. Then going to this macbook its a whole different story.

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Charanjit Chana

For a couple of days it felt tiny in comparison but I'm used to it already and it isn't holding me back. Admittedly I'm not really doing anything taxing with it at the moment so it's a little bit of an odd comparison. The 16" I had I was doing design work in Sketch and writing code in various IDEs so the extra real estate was really welcome.