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Free App Landing Page!

Got a killer app idea but still undecided about how best to showcase it to the world? Easy! Just use one of our free React landing page templates custom made for app developers!

App Modern - our free React landing page template, is designed to highlight your kick ass app in front of the world. Visual aesthetics aside, our free React landing page templates include Next JS and Gatsby JS, making them super fast, secure and SEO friendly. On top of that, we have also implemented MailChimp integration making it super easy to keep in touch with your contacts.

So come take a look - we have got multiple free React landing page templates on several trending product niches that are sure to catch your eye. And if our current collection doesn't suit you, that's fine too - we are adding new templates each week we are sure we'll have something for you!

👉 Check it live here:
👉 Check it on Github:
👉 Check it on Producthunt:

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