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Discussion on: What is the quickest way to write code?

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Anthony Jackman

You are right on track. It always takes 2.6 to 3 times as long to fix rotten code as it would have to do correctly on first place. I run into this all the time. The problem I see with rotten code is that it only works 'in the here and now'. I know "rotten" code may be ok to get client side approvals. But that is very few clients. If the analysis phase and 'design' phase are done correctly, rotten code never sees light of day.

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András Tóth Author

I agree. To make it clear I meant that you rush your code to the point that you get confused what your own function 15 minutes ago exactly did. So I say even writing it takes more not to count fixing it.

Once my team got 6 new devs for a week to rush some features... The lead of them promised the code will be shipped the next night. Of course a rush like this will leave a rotten pile of code.