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Welcome to builder by Engineer.AI.

Builder by helps you to pick and choose all the ingredients for your app and lets you sit back and relax till your app is ready! We promise, now building an app will be as simple as ordering a pizza. is AI assembly line which makes your apps to order. You've got the idea we've got the code together we'll bring your app idea to life with builders rich interactive platform. promises that building your app is as simple as ordering pizza.

Let's start building your idea with Builder to get started.

  1. Select what type of product you want to build; you have the option to choose from a variety of platforms. Suppose you want to build an app next, you'll be directed to the templates page.

  2. Select the template or templates that most closely resemble your idea, by doing this builder understands how you want your product to function.

  3. Once a template is selected, builder will be able to identify and recommend specific features for your product.

Let's say your idea functions as a shared economy platform, but also includes components of a more traditional e-commerce model and is geared towards Millennial.

Don't see a comparable template; just explain your idea to us ( and we'll take it from there from building to maintenance based on the template selections.’s Builder has added the features to meet the functionality requirements for your product.

Simply add or remove the features as you see fit Select OK to continue with the recommended features. If this is your first time building with us, we recommend scheduling a demo with one of our team members or watching one of our tutorials before getting started.

After deciding all the features you want to include, choose the time zone of your human team and how fast you want your product to be delivered. team will build all the unique bits that make your idea a completely customized product based on your selection. Build and reproduce the timeline that works for you and a roadmap that suits you in real time.

Finally, phases show you all the possibilities of what’s builder can deliver to you. Do you want just the designs, a prototype or a complete app to finalize your product and get started with development?

Simply provide payment for the first week of work, you will then be connected with one of our project managers for a deep dive into your project.

Before kickoff you will also be given access to a dashboard, so you can track progress in real time. So now the only question is what will you build?

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