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Episode 52: Making People Happy with UX Developer Jenell Pizarro

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jenell’s journey into coding and how she fell into front end and UX development.
  • Job titles in the UI/UX space and perspectives on the difference between the two.
  • Diving deeper into the difference between a UX designer and a UX developer.
  • Challenges UX developers face at different stages of an app’s development.
  • How clients test apps in their beta phase and developers solve problems they find.
  • Perspectives on how to decide when an accessibility issue can no longer be ignored.
  • Struggles between accessibility ethics and the profit-focused priorities of stakeholders.
  • How important it is for developers to have soft skills like EQ and empathy.
  • The importance of making your code accessible to other developers too.
  • Readability issues in code such as how to write the index variable in a JavaScript loop.
  • Pet-peeves about best practices and language features of JavaScript.
  • This week’s top picks; games, TV shows, and books!


  • “That's my goal in life is to ensure that people forget that they're actually even using the application, because it becomes such a normal part of their life, that it just becomes second nature.” — @nellarro [0:01:43]
  • “It's a human right to be able to use the Internet. I feel as developers, we need to make sure that all humans can use the web, period.” — @nellarro [0:28:08]
  • “I think that's really important is making sure that your code is readable for an engineer to be able to look at your code and be like, ‘I get that. I see what's happening.’” — @nellarro [0:33:19]

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Special Guest: Jenell Pizarro.

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