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Meet the next generation blogging platform

Blogging is an essential part of almost every business online. It does not only help you to generate traffic but also helps with overall page authority, building backlinks, improving SEO, and many more. There are different ways to set up a blog for your business. This article will introduce you to the next generation blogging platform BlogHunch.

What is BlogHunch?

BlogHunch is an SEO-optimized, flexible, no-code blogging platform that lets you build your blog in just 60 seconds. You don't worry anymore about servers, optimizing performance, or SEO.

It's built on top of NodeJS and assets are edge cached for optimal loading times from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of using BlogHunch

No-Code Blogging Platform

A no-code platform refers to software that doesn't need any coding knowledge to use and you don't essentially have to write code to use it.

BlogHunch is built for anyone who wants to build and manage their blog easily. Whether you are a techie or not you will love the simplicity it provides.

It comes with a set of customization options that lets you fully customize your blog according to your branding needs.

SEO Optimized Blogging Platform

SEO is a crucial and one of the most important aspects of any website or blog online. BlogHunch by default is optimized for SEO so that you can focus on content rather than spinning your head around all the technicalities.

It has everything you will need for on-page SEO like JSON-LD schema, meta tags, social media meta tags, and super quick loading time.

Performance Optimized Blogging Platform

Performance optimization is an art and BlogHunch has mastered it really well. All the blogs are hosted on the cloud and the assets like uploaded images and theme files are all deployed on CDN which is edge cached for maximum performance benefits.

On top of all this, it also has lazy loading for images and videos, fully responsive themes, and much more.

The team is actively working on implementing more and more features to gain further performance optimizations.

Distraction Free Editor

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BlogHunch provides a distraction-free editor that provides a clean UI to focus more on content. It comes with a bunch of options to easily insert the type of content you want like images, videos, code blocks, and many more.

Also, the editor comes with an SEO tool that helps you to write fine-tuned content for SEO.


Branding is one of the most important things for any business online/offline. BlogHunch provides a set of great features to customize your blog according to your needs.

Adding social media links, brand colors, brand fonts, logos, and custom domains are all possible with BlogHunch.


It can be integrated easily with Google Analytics, Disqus, etc. BlogHunch supports injecting custom code in the header and footer areas of your blog.

This way you can pretty easily integrate it with anything you want. On top of that, it also has an API that lets you fetch posts and pages.

Powerful feature-packed blogs

Apart from posts and pages BlogHunch also lets you build and manage your blog navigation. So that you can easily put the links wherever you want to, in your blog.

The posts also have social sharing enabled by default which provides social sharing options for your readers.

Your readers don't have to worry about eye strain as all the themes are equipped with a color switcher that let them easily switch from dark to light mode and vice-versa.

Custom domain integration with free SSL

BlogHunch lets you add your custom domain in all the available plans, including the free one. All the domains will get an auto SSL installed in just a few seconds.

Customer Support

Finally, customer support has been the first priority for BlogHunch and the team is actively working on helping everyone with anything.

They are located in India, however, their support is active almost 14h a day through emails and live chat and that makes it great for anyone looking for quick solutions.

Currently BlogHunch is providing a FREE plan (valid upto 90days) to help you get started with it. Register Now and share your feedback with the team to help making the next generation blogging platform more stable and loaded with many more amazing features.

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