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Honestly I had something very similar in mind, except it will revert to old when scrolled to bottom of post instead of hidden. I like how we all are thinking similarly.

Also thinking if we could personalize these kind of tricks somehow in the profile settings or personalization settings somehow.

Great post.


Yup exactly.

The reason being, the users actually don't use the save/heart button after the post.

Say for yourself, how many times you actually went above and clicked save/heart button after reading comment or clicking additional links? Or watching that big footer?

Well, maybe people shares the post even at that point, but honestly this feature is very new and monitoring the behavior might show more UX hacks in future.

You make a very good point here. And I guess this might be obvious enough for users to actually "get it" the first time they see it.


hmm I think that would be confusing.. if the bar stuck to the bottom of the page then stuck to the bottom of the post once you reach the end of the post (old position). Might just be me :)

I totally agree on customization! I think that would be awesome!


I saw many websites did that. It would be fixed on bottom for whole post except when the user reaches end of post it will stick there just in case. Similar to hidden, but actually more realistic.

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