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Epispot v3.0.0-alpha

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Epispot v3.0.0 alpha is out, and we have a whole lot to talk about.

New Plots

Epispot is getting new plots with plotly, and graph styling from science plots if you use matplotlib, not to mention a whole redesign of the plots module, which is now a sub-module, including the epispot.plots.native for native plots w/ matplotlib and epispot.plots.web for web-based interactive plotting w/ plotly. test_plotting_tfsPlotly web chart (stacked area graph of the SEIR model)


We introduced this in the nightly package a while ago, and now it’s here in the alpha of v3.0.0.

epispot about 
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Don’t worry, 3.0.0 will have much more than just that command.

With more coming soon…

As far as we are concerned, v3.0.0-alpha is only the start, with the beta, rc, and of course, the 3.0 release, you can expect bug fixes and more coming to epispot.

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