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Upcoming epispot and epispot nightly features

We're here to annonunce some new features that will be added (or hopefully added) over the next coming days to epispot nightly. Some of them include:
1) Exporting and Importing epispot models
2) A CLI
3) New Graphs!

Exporting and Importing Models

This feature is underway, and will allow users to quickly and easily share they're epispot models. When finished, it should look like the following for reading and writing.

Writing a model to a .yml file:

import epispot as epi

model = epi.models.Model([params])
epi.models.write(model, file_type='yml')
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Reading a .yml file with a epispot model:

import epispot as epi'model.yml', '')
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The above will create a file named with the code to the model.


Epispot Nightly is getting a brand new CLI! Infact, the code for a very very basic CLI already has a PR. What can it do? Just the command epispot about which outputs metadata about the package. However, this will be extended to other uses, such as what we described earlier for importing and exporting models. The PR can be viewed here.

New Graphs

Epispot Nightly might get some new graphs, and will switch from matplotlib to plotly, with a much better interface. However, it's not final, so don't get too hooked up on this, but we for sure will be getting new graphs in epispot v3.0.

Other cool projects

Epispot developers are working on epidash, which is a interactive demo for epispot on the web. It's kind of like covasim's dashboard, but not for COVID-19, and much more customizable.
Epispot also got a neat new manual for a detailed guide on using epispot. The manual can be viewed here
Speaking of documentation, epispot documentation is going to get a overhaul with a new template for pdoc3 to use. Stay tuned for this, though it will come in a bit.

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